Main Dining

The Main Restaurant is the centerpiece of Celebrity's immersive and enriching range of culinary experiences. They're proud to present an unparalleled wealth of choices every evening. Working literally around the clock, the galleys delight in sending out artfully presented dishes, every delicate micro-green garnish perfectly in place. And, now, starting with Celebrity Reflection and soon coming to the entire fleet, more than 60 SPE-certified options for healthy and delicious dining. 

Special Dietary Requirements
The menus also highlight Renew Heart Healthy options, indicated by a heart, and they are happy to accommodate any dietary requirements. A separate team of five chefs in the galley is responsible for vegetarian, vegan, kosher or diabetes-aware selections; even gluten-free or lactose-free options are available.

Enjoy Celebrity fine wines on board and at home. Formulated exclusively for you, our most distinguished guests. 

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