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Cruise Line:  Quark Expeditions

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Activities & Services

Expedition travel doesn’t mean you have to “rough it.”

Quark doesn’t operate traditional cruise ships - those large cruise liners holding thousands of guests. They operate small expedition ships, authentic icebreakers, and even a small exploration boat, each carrying fewer than 200 passengers. All the vessels are equipped with Zodiacs (inflatable landing craft) for safe, comfortable transfers from ship to shore, allowing Quark to reach some of the world’s most remote places. Quark’s ships will get you to the most isolated and breathtaking wilderness areas on the planet, safely and comfortably, whether you’re discovering the Arctic or Antarctica, or exploring the wilds of the Galapagos Islands.

All of their polar expedition ships feature ice-strengthened hulls for superior navigation in ice-packed polar waters.


  • Zodiac Cruising
  • Snowshoeing & hiking
  • Optional Kayaking (additional charge)
  • Optional cross country skiing (additional charge)
  • Optional mountaineering (additional charge)


  • Chef-prepared meals (all meals and daily snack included)
  • Bar staffed by a professional bartender
  • Massage and wellness programs offering yoga classes, aromatherapy treatments, and massage therapy
  • Photography program with Expert-in-Residence
  • Library with a large collection of polar books and DVDs
  • Speed of vessel saves up to 12 hours on the Drake crossing, giving you more time to enjoy Antarctica
  • Internet access
  • Theatre-style auditorium with state of the art equipment
  • Clinic with licensed doctor

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